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Studio White

Studio White

Meet David and Oliver: Owners of Barbershop Studio White in Malmö

Malmö is not only known for its diversity and culture, but also for its trendy and well-groomed residents. In the heart of the city's style scene are David and Oliver, two passionate barbers who run a successful barbershop. We sat down with them to explore their business and, most importantly, to learn what drives their passion for the craft and their future dreams.

A few years ago, Oliver White started the barbershop with the same name, 'Studio White,' in Malmö, together with his friend David Ekbom. Their journey began many years ago when they both became interested in hair and beard care. Initially, it was about standing behind the chair and helping their clients find a style, but it has evolved into something much more.

Their vision was to create a place where people could not only get a fantastic haircut or shave but also feel a sense of community and well-being. Their barbershop is not just about sculpting styles but also about building meaningful relationships with our customers.

From craftsmanship being their primary focus, their career and profession have evolved into their lifestyle. In the beginning, it was about building their brand, which takes time until reaching the level where one becomes an established name. Alongside their growing reputation, their dreams have also grown.

Now, their passion is not only about making their clients feel and look good; they also want to share their knowledge with others and educate within the industry. Their passion is to help others create their own style and inspire a lifestyle.

In the future, they want to continue inspiring and being a leading destination for hair and beard care, not only in Malmö but also internationally. They are grateful for the relationships they have built with their customers and want to spread their energy to the people they meet, educate their colleagues, and inspire with their style. Dreams never die!

Follow David and Oliver on their Instagram: @studiowhite2022