2-6 werkdagen levertijd | 100 dagen open aankoop



We’ve fought rainy days and storms but it was all worth it because today we can present the next generation of rainwear. Born out of the storm.

Arch up, Winter is Coming…

Since last year we have been working on our next generation of Eco Essentials winterized rainwear. We would tell you a lie if we said it wasn’t a challenge. It has been a year of hard work and testing different functional fabrics in the harsh weather conditions that surround the north western tip of Skåne called Kullahalvön. A beautiful place close to Helsingborg where Tretorn was founded 127 years ago.

With inspiration from the dramatic landscape marked by storms and heavy down fall, we started create a jacket that symbolize the Scandinavian weather but also innovation and empowering of the future. To create the next step within our Eco Essentials initiative we had to look deeper into innovation and sustainability. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any fabric that checked all our boxes so we decided to take action and do it ourselves. And that’s how Tretorn’s own fabric OCEAN-SHELL® was born.

OCEAN-SHELL® is a three layer hard shell fabric made from recycled polyester and equipped with hydrophillic membrane made from recycled PET-bottles collected from the ocean around Taiwan. Which makes the fabric a full circle renewable source adapted to be recycled again.
After a lot of invested testing hours, the work of our new fabric and our designer’s Scandinavian minimalistic design, finally started taking shape. And here we are – one year later presenting Arch jacket. Born out of Scandinavian weather.